Saturday, September 19, 2015

I've been going about this all wrong

I'm done repeating myself.  Every gig I take involves inevitably wasting an hour or two either getting someone else properly provisioned to get the job done.

Vagrant's over five years old and Ansible's three and a half.  I used to write kickstarter scripts synced from S3 to legacy EC2 instances, but apparently losing a minute or two installing slaves was a bridge too far.  Puppet and Chef are now six and seven this year.  It took me a weekend to get comfortable enough with all four to take a shot at a few projects.  One weekend, in 2015, after letting two or three hundred slip by.

What's your excuse?

I like examples, especially in the form of quickstarts that lay out the basics and embrace a defensible project structure.  Github is littered with plenty of worthy Vagrant and Ansible examples, but there are a few paths I want to walk that aren't as well traveled.

  1. Config management for bootstrapping and maintaining local iron.
  2. Quickstarts for Vagrant, Packer, Docker and AWS Elastic Container Service
  3. Strategies for cross-platform roles and playbook structure
  4. Security for local iron provisioning
I'll post my thoughts as I work my way through these topics.  Starting with Number 1, I've put together a crude quickstart I'm using to provision OpenSUSE, Debian/Ubuntu and OS X with what I think is a reasonable bare-bones environment (which is basically zsh, keychain, and some convention environment variables and directories).  Check it out, tell me what you think.

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